Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who is God?

I read recently that the highest aim is to know God. I wanted to think of somewhat of a definition for God as I have encountered Him; of course one can never fully know, but I just wanted to share my interpretation so far with you. Like in any growing relationship, I am discovering more and more each day, so keep in mind this is just the start! If you'd like to leave a comment and add to this, please feel free. :)

Who is God?

I cannot know, but I can guess.

God is the warmest light- not too cold, and not too hot or burning. Simply warm. Not only comfortable, but a luxuriously blissful place to rest is He.

He is better than the best friend we have. He knows not only our actions and explanations, but that deeply hidden, whispered truth, concealed even from ourselves at times- our intentions. He sees a thousand miles beyond the edge of the earth, and further. He knows all, and sees all.

He is the ultimate artist- painting brilliant landscapes for us to traipse around on. He gives us not only air and water, but earth to let our toes wiggle through and feel grounded, starry nights for our thirsty eyes to gaze upon, piercingly dazzling sunsets, fiery in their vibrance, to rattle our more mundanely molded moments. He gives us perfumed flowers to bring pleasure to our senses, and deep, deep oceans for us to dip our fatigued and overheated figures into after a scorching day.

He is the most caring Father, always wishing what's best for us, and shedding tears of rainy sadness at our deep sorrows. He is within every act of pure love between people, pulsating in our caring, vibrating from honest voices and words that mend, repair and heal.

He is a reflection of who we all wish to be, in every way; creator, lover, artist, steward, healer, everything; He is Love.