Thursday, July 7, 2011

World Of Curtains

Sleep clutches
At my eyelids
Pulling me back
Into the world of curtains
Knitting my body
In drowsy dreams
I wrestle, unconscious
With subconscious
And conscious
As I stand on the cusp
Of these two fighting worlds
Murmuring reasons
To slip into one
Or fight into the other;
Just a few more minutes...
But I have to wake up!

I wrestle my strength
Even though I am still
Until I am forced
To choose simply one:
Eyes open or


Impatience jumps
Like a restless child
Frowning, always frowning
Disapproving of our actions
And giving us quick reasons
Of why we need it now
And suddenly we see
Reality fast forwarded
And the shortest route
Seems like the best to travel
But let's not walk,
Let's run.
Skip all the stops,
Don't you dare smell those flowers
Grow up as fast
As your body allows
Shed your childhood skin,
That ugly old thing,
And meet every milestone
In five seconds flat
Rush, rush, rush
Impatience can't wait
She says
Step on this train
And we'll take the shortcut
Heart racing, arms flailing,
Schedule packed
Like a cup of sugar
We never noticed
That after this race,
This marathon rush,
All that is left
And behind those peering,
Impatient eyes
Is a dark, dark voice
And a clouded mind,
An eater of time
Who hopes you won't notice
How you've lived your life.

Foil Stars

A felt sky and foil stars
Glittered over my lonely face
As I reached up
For Heaven's touch
I ached inside
For waves of Grace
For down this winding
Road I've come
And up this hill
Of earth and clay
I've kept an eye
On glints of light
To travel down
The narrow way
And when I've felt
This glowing touch
Upon my ragged, struggling soul
It fills me with
Such hope and truth
I shed my fears;
They can't control
My happy heart
As beams of Faith
Lift me like
Hot air balloons
And I am in
Another place
A better place
Way past the moon

Some people scoff
They say to me,
"How can you trust?
There is no proof."

But I see God;
He lives inside
Each piece of me,
Each piece of you.



I stepped into the ballroom
And felt my heartbeat
Trip and gasp;
The beauty of a single room,
The heavy weight of dauntless tasks
The instruments were heavy
In brass and wood and string
I sat there like a quiet child
And soaked up everything
I saw you from the balcony
You flashed a friendly smile
My stomach turned in somersaults
Like daisies sway for miles
I heard a secret whisper
Beneath the woven words
The magic left me breathless,
By music that I heard.


Dedicated to a woman who is always in my prayers.

Her frame was small,
So sickly small
Her arms were like
Two spindly sticks
Her eyes were wild
And in her cheeks
I could see
Her curvy skull
For death was wrapped
Around her waist,
Hungry for her haggard soul
And I could see
Hiding behind
A caffeine tic;
A fragile smile
Thinly veiled
A train of thoughts,
So lost and sick
I couldn't help but gasp
For I could see
She wasn't there
Her mind was somewhere
Far behind
Distorted dreams and
Twisted cares
I wanted to cry out
And ask her what was wrong?
But I could see
She didn't see
How things had gone
So wrong
And in her wasting body
Her soul, too,
Was quite weak;
She needed help,
She needed strength,
She needed food to eat

It breaks my heart
That what she fears
Is exactly what she needs.