Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Father

There is one thing I need
In this coldest of winters
That rattles my bones
And stifles my hopes
I squeeze my eyes shut
Like lemons in summer
And think of my God,
My Savior, my Father.

Lesson Learned

I guess the lesson
You have learned
From my silent symphony
Is that, although I'm patient,
I won't wait around forever.


One moment I spend with you
Is laughter from an infant's smile
And with your eyes,
So round, so blue
You look at me and I can't help
But melt like wax
Falls soft in drops
From burning candles in a jar

Everything I feel inside
When you are standing
By my side
Feels beautiful
Like daybreak's sun;
Cool and fresh
Like just-washed greens

And if the Lord
Would bless me with
Just one good chance
To be to you
The best friend that
I know how
I would laugh
And I would sing
With purest joy,
Sweet as honey.


What a strange thing
Is a brand new eraser;
When you can write secrets
Then smooth them away
And you can tell stories
But change every part

Too bad all our lives
We have written in pen.

Business As Usual

Yes, this is all on me;
I claim this as my fault.
I'm sorry I mistook
The words that you said
And the things that you did
As something coming
From a human heart
As some small form
Of human emotion

Sorry I was stupid
For guessing that you cared
I realize now that it was just
A business call,
And I was one
You could call "esteemed colleague"
I'll tell my heart
To shh, be quiet
And shake your hand,
Pump, pump, release
It's all in a day's work
And nothing more than that

I'm sorry that I thought
That maybe this was love.