Saturday, November 28, 2009


My ink-stained hand
Throbs from clenching my pen
Writing: my joy and
My sorrow.

Tigers And Lions (for Alexa)

I wish I had
A star from the sky
To hold to my soul
So the gaps would close tight
And the rain
From the pain
Of my falls and mistakes
Wouldn't fall on my head
Instead it would tread
On the ground next to me
I'd be free from the teeth
Of the tigers and lions
Of guilt and despair
That gnaw at my thoughts
Till they thin and then tear
I could reach out my hand
And give it to people
Because without these dark shadows
I could see beyond my messes
And make others shine
Like bulbs from the sky
But, reality is
I'm blind by my sighs
And cries in the night
Of a heart, falling apart
Can't I please take myself
Put me on a shelf
So I can heal the sad souls
Of this broken-down world?


My pen is a wand
My brain, a spell-book
I conjure each potion
From memories past
And onto this page
I leave my word magic
This poem you read
Is the spell I have cast.


Diamond drops dance
On the sills of windows
As fields leap and shriek
In streams of lush green
Thirstily drinking
The cups of dropped clouds
They wave their leaves, quick!
Before they slip into thick
Fits of snow-sleep.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Winter # 2

Snow is a kiss
From the angel-white sky
As icy banks pause
In their glimmering art-work
The wind whistles
A freezing cold song:
"Winter is dancing,
white in the sky."

Winter # 1

The cold cuts
And covers my bones
The river's now ice
And it cracks at my feet
The flowers have choked
On the frost-bitten air
As winter screams
In the whistling wind.

I Wish

"Thanks for caring," you said to me
"You're welcome," said I to you.
But really, what I meant to say
Was I wish you would care too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I tried to close
This growing hole
Inside my heart
With passing smiles
And light-hearted words
When really I
Should have seen
The best road taken
Is one away
From boys who twist
Their own false truths
And closely capture
My naive thoughts
With beckoning hands
And beautiful sentences
That make me feel healed
For a moment or two
But now I am finding
Each lie they have cast
Is tying me down
In this ocean
So I'm drowning
And the love that I tried
To give them right back
I see it now clearly
It was never love at all
And the moment they move
To another girl who
Will drink up their affection
Like tea from a cup
Is the moment my heart
Shows me its' black truth:
The hole is still here
And I can see that
It grew.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ink-Filled Stars

I trace the sky
With my pen
As I see
Ink-filled stars
As words
They laugh
On my page
And I smile
As I heal
From the glow
Of their hopeful heaven.


Light and dark
Stripe in slashes
My shadow dances
Over what once was
As the sun spills over
The ledge of the window
My heart is warmed
Like the swirl of light.


I wouldn't trade
My loud, boisterous
Laughing, joking
Caricature of a sister
for a million dollars
Or a lifetime supply of poetry.

Haiku # 1

Brown hair falls sadly
Boyfriend needs to look up "respect"
I pray for this girl.